What the Leja Bulela Annual Conference is all about

Each year, Leja Bulela hosts its annual conference in a different city.  Since 2020, Leja Bulela has used a virtual format to keep friends and supporters connected during the pandemic. The conference is our largest fundraiser of the year and the money raised during the conference serves our various initiatives including staffing, maintaining, and improving the services at the Kalala Muzeu Health Center.

Your participation in the annual conference impacts the people of Democratic Republic of Congo in a big way!

About Leja Bulela:

Leja Bulela exists to provide financial and social support to people in the Kasai-Oriental Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We do this by:


1) advocating for the respect of human and civil rights;

2) teaching the American public about the history and culture of the Luba people;

3) fundraising for our initiatives in Tshibombo Tshimuangi; 

4) supporting other organizations working in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more information visit www.LejaBulela.org.

2022 Conference Theme